Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Camping Au Naturel in Palmerton, Pa

There are plenty of places in Pennsylvania to take a hike through the woods, ride a bicycle, or get a drink and a bite to eat... but if you like to do these things in the nicky-noo-nar, your choices are limited.  Indeed, Title 18 Part II Chapter 31 § 3127 of the Pennsylvania penal code provides stiff penalties for anyone going leafless from the waist down in front of any other person, if the birthday suit "is likely to offend, affront, or alarm."   For those who prefer to do their daily activities either partially or fully divested, there is only one option: a naturist club on privately owned land.

The Sunny Rest Resort is probably the best-known of the few sans-threads establishments in Pennsylvania.  Founded in 1945 for enthusiasts of the emperor's clothes, Sunny Rest is a nudist camp located on 190 rolling acres of partially wooded land in the Pocono mountains of Palmerton, PA.

Amenities include cabins and tent camping grounds with access to bathroom and bathing facilities, swimming pool, hot tubs, tennis courts, sand volleyball court, night club, restaurant, bar, fitness center, and hiking and bicycle trails.  Numerous events are scheduled throughout the season, including nude wine & cheese socials, nude golf tournaments, nude dancing and concerts, nude BBQ, and nude bingo.   The season ends in late September with the costume-optional Halloween costume party and naked apple bobbing contest.

Members cheer on a friend during nude Karaoke Night.
Members participate in the Bouncing Buns 7k Trail Run.
Fans enjoy a concert by nude band "A Pair of Nuts"
Members participate in a Halloween apple bobbing contest...
aren't you glad I didn't really include pictures?

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